Our driving purpose is to make a real difference in the lives of our patients, by providing high-quality services and compassionate care every day. Complete Care at Kimberly Hall North is located at 1 Emerson Drive in Windsor, CT.


Complete Care at Arbors

Complete Care at Kimberly Hall North meets the mental, physical, social and spiritual needs of our residents with activities designed with their preferences in mind. When you or a loved one enters our building, you receive the dedication and respect you deserve and remain our primary focus while here.

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Only authentically caring individuals can qualify to become a Complete Care at Kimberly Hall North professional. Joining Complete Care at Kimberly Hall North at any level, in any department, is an immediate message that you value every facet of the individuals in our care.


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Complete Care differentiates ourselves by personalizing everything we do. From the moment we interview a prospective caregiver or management professional, our focus is finding the truly sensitive and authentically caring individual who will embody the Complete Care vision and pledge. Every one of our Complete Care facilities becomes an integral presence in the community.

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This is the very best skilled nursing facility I have ever been involved with. The overall care here is excellent! This facility is also the very best in communicating with family, as they did on a regular basis while visitors weren’t allowed due to Covid. The staff here treat patients as family and make a patient truly feel at home. Thank you!

Eric H.

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